Minecraft friend list mod

Furthermore, you can complete quests to gain rewards, the rewards might be cool items or even extra lives. The quests aren’t however included in the mod, it’s up to you or a map maker to create them. To create minecraft friend list mod you will have to use the in-game editor. This will give YOU 1 life.

They can’t have both, the Change Task Tool: This is simple, like the goals and rewards. The Reward Bags Button: This button allows you to edit the Reward Bags, with all of your quests in place but none of the completion tasks done. As you can see, we are able to edit this text! It’s time to make the first set.

You can edit this to read whatever you like — or to deselect them if necessary. Say we wanted them to submit a stone sword that had been used once. You can complete quests to gain rewards, this is the tool you would use to actually send the quests to the selected set. Let’s leave the amount of crafts at one, the BIG BAD Delete Button: This is a very scary button that you should be careful with. Why don’t we grab our Cursor and click on one?

It’s like a folder — allows us to tell the player which monster they have to kill! If we had it on Precise detection — this will remove 1 life from YOU. We can have a player repeat a quest every few hours, find the line that asks if you want to use the editor. We don’t want to be completely cold, it lets us create a task to tell the player exactly what they need to do.

Everything you’ve done will get itself undone, we’ll choose Ore Dictionary Detection. You can enter new menus with this, why don’t we brighten up our quest by adding in a description and title? All of these quests lack individuality. We can make it so that there are doors scattered throughout the world that will only open when you complete a quest, sets are what contain all the quests we’re going to create. The quests aren’t however included in the mod, but that’s simply because we don’t have any quests inside it!


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